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Nicholas Baldeyrou is an endorser for Buffet Crampon and thus contributes to the development of the clarinet and to the influence of the école française throughout the world. The name of Buffet Crampon is firmly established in the tradition of the manufacture of top-of-the-range woodwind instruments. Since 1825 the company has developed an exceptional know-how of instrument manufacture, and musicians have continued to achieve artistic excellence and find musical passion with their Buffet Crampon instruments. In close dialogue with renowned artists, the company strives to combine tradition with modernity, know-how with creativity and history with innovation, in order to present wind instruments of the finest quality. Nicolas Baldeyrou plays on Buffet Crampon Festival Greenline pair, Légende Greenline pair and Prestige Basset A Clarinets. He is also playing on the prototype Légende boxwood and mopani body clarinets, helping the development of these new instruments.

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